Stop wasting plastic.

Stop throwing away plastic.

Every failed print you throw out is money wasted.

Send it to us. We'll take your failed prints and send you some nice filament back.

1 - Pack it.

Simply save your failed prints. Once you have 500 grams or more...

2 - Ship it.

...send it to us, where we will reprocess it, and ship it back to you so that...

3 - Print it. can reuse that previous waste as a new thing!

How it works.

Many people simply throw away their plastic waste from 3D printing. From failed prints, old design revisions, or support material, all that waste plastic is wasted money.

Filanew would like to change this. Simply collect at least 500 grams (about 1 pound). Right now we are recycling both PLA and ABS plastics, as those are the most common 3D printed plastics. We would like to get more experience with those before expanding to other plastics.

We'll give you a shipping label, and you ship your plastic to us. Then we clean it, grind it, and then refilimintize it. Then we send it back to you, and you can print it again!

Some more details.

$6 per 500g of plastic (PLA or ABS only)

$10 flat rate shipping. This includes both to us, and back to you

No color guarantee, because we add in new material. New material is added because reprocessing used filament destroys/uses up some of the additives that are present in the plastic. This addition of the new plastic into your recycled plastic may change the color that comes back.


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